Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?

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Palm Harbor Premier Dental would like for all of our Palm Harbor Bay area patients to be proud to show off their smiles. With the latest advancements in dentistry, we are able to brighten smiles in a single visit, restore damaged teeth with natural, tooth-colored materials and offer crowns in a single visit! Now, we are happy to be able to correct misaligned teeth using the Invisalign system. When it comes to the Invisalign system, we are commonly asked the question: Is Invisalign better than braces?

Most people would vote yes! Of course, Invisalign seems better than braces! There are many advantages to Invisalign if it is a treatment that is right for your dental needs. It doesn’t require the discomfort of glued-on brackets and wires. It doesn’t get in the way of your confidence and your favorite foods like traditional braces. There are many advantages to the Invisalign, but can it get the job done?

Drum roll please! The answer is, yet again, yes! Invisalign is much more than just a convenient cosmetic braces system. It is an effective resolution for various orthodontic issues including overbites, underbites, crossbites, crowded teeth, and gaps between teeth. Another added bonus is that patients tend to have overall better oral health throughout the treatment. This is simply because there are no brackets to get in the way of daily dental care routines.

There are many advantages to Invisalign treatment over traditional braces, but it is not the treatment of choice for everyone. We would be happy to schedule a consultation and find out what type of treatment is best for you! Give us a call at (727) 349-3615. The Palm Harbor Premier Dental team is here help you achieve the smile of your dreams!